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How can I make a donation to help the animals at All Species Adoption Program?

Click on Paypal Donate button to make an online donation. You can also mail a check to:

ASAP Rescue

15628 Twp Hwy 42

Carey, OH 43316


What is All Species Adoption Program and what do you do?

All Species Adoption Program is a 501(c)(3) public charity and our mission is to save at risk animals and re home them. Although we assist with rescuing and re homing animals of all species of the majority of our rescues are dogs. For more information, click here.

How do I find you and when can I come?

Click here to visit our hours and directions page.

How do I adopt a pet from All Species Adoption Program?

Our adoption counselors will help you in making the perfect match. Click here to fill out an application.

I can no longer keep my pet. Will the ASAP accept him/her?

Yes. The ASAP accepts owned animals by appointment only and we require that pet owners join us for a brief meeting with a trained ASAP team member. Our goal is to help pet owners make an informed decision before giving up their pet due to destructive or aggressive behavior, an inability to be housetrained, and health issues or because the animal does not get along with children or other pets. This meeting is about providing a plan to work through these issues. The session also allows ASAP team members to gather information about the pet which can be shared with a prospective new owner. .

Do you have a certain type of dog or cat?

Our adoption staff is not able to research requests regarding particular animals. However, we keep a current listing of all adoptable animals on our adoptions page.


What do you consider an “owned” animal?

If you have been confining and caring for an animal for 14 days or more on your property, we consider that animal to be your property and not a stray.

What if I change my mind and want my pet back?

The adoptability and disposition of your pet will be discussed in detail at your counseling session. If you leave your pet with us you will sign a contract relinquishing ownership and all rights to that animal. There is no remorse period and we will not contact you regarding final disposition.

How do I become an ASAP volunteer or Foster?

For more information visit our Applications Page and fill out a Volunteer or Foster Application.


How do I file a cruelty report?

You can submit a Cruelty Report online or call 419-458-0115. We need as much detail as possible about the suspected abuse.

Will the ASAP accept my stray animal?

At ASAP, our ability to accept stray animals changes daily. It depends on our available space and the number of animals currently in our shelter. If we have space available, ASAP will accept an animal as a stray if the animal has been in your possession for less than 14 days. If space is unavailable at our shelter, you have several options: (1) Be referred to your city or county animal control agency; (2) Keep the animal in your possession, post neighborhood signs, post on shelter web sites, etc. and attempt to reunite the animal on your own, OR wait until ASAP has a space available.

What if the animal has been in my possession for more than 14 days?

If you have been confining and caring for an animal for 14 days or more on your property, we consider that animal to be your property and not a stray. Please admit him/her as an “owned” animal through our admissions program so that he/she can be evaluated and, if found to be healthy and behaviorally sound, immediately placed into our adoptions program if possible.

Doesn’t ASAP get my tax dollars to accept stray animals?

No. ASAP is a private non-profit charity that receives NO tax dollars or funding from the government. Your local animal control agency is the mandated authority funded by your tax dollars that enforces animal control laws and impounds and houses strays. ASAP is an adoption center and was never designed to serve as an animal control housing facility for strays. The majority of animals received by animal charities are owned animals that are being given up by their owners. However, as a service to our community, we have set aside about 25% of our animal housing spaces to accommodate strays. We cannot accept more strays than we have spaces available for, as we will not inhumanely overcrowd them.


Does the ASAP euthanize strays?

No animal is ever euthanized at ASAP to make room for incoming animals.


How do I find my local animal control agency?

We have information available on the animal control agencies in the city of Upper Sandusky, Wyandot County and our surrounding counties.


My pet has behavior issues; who can I talk to about this?

We have a certified Animal Behavior Specialist on staff.

Is the ASAP a “no kill” shelter?

No animal is ever euthanized at ASAP to make room for incoming animals.

How long do you keep the animals at your shelters before they are euthanized?

There is no set "time limit" for animals in our care.

Do we adopt outside of Ohio?

Yes we adopt outside of Ohio, but we do not provide or arrange for transport.

What is the adoption fee?

The adoption fee is dependent on the type and breed of animal being adopted. Please email us or call us at 419-458-0115 if you have questions on a particular animal.

Is there a fee for surrendering my animal?

If your animal is not up to date on vaccines, spay, and/or neutered we ask for a donation to the rescue when the animal is surrendered.

Where can I see pictures of your adoptable animals?

Please visit our animal’s available page on our website. All of our pets are listed on petfinder and adopt a pet.


Are your animal’s micro chipped?

No we do not microchip at this time.


Why so much hassle to adopt?

We look out for the interest of the animal as well as the adoptee that we find the perfect match so the animal does not end up back in rescue looking for another home.

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